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You Grow at Famay

Famay aims to promote culture and education exchange between countries. Famay provides high quality solutions for foreign students coming and study in the US.

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Short Term Study

Get acquinted with the multi-culture environment in the US. From one month up to one year. Famay team will make your trip a safe and fruitful.

Summer Camp

Famay device activities in which you will learn how to live and work with other students, and be a team member.

Education Research

As a teacher, you will get immeresed in schools and find out the real difference that makes US so powerful.

In the Famay program I attended in the summer of 2016, I had great time experiencing and understanding the high school life in the US.
It makes me more independent and self confident.

Famay 2016 Summer Camp. Sandy Liu

At Famay, we believe that whenever you look back at your every trip with us, you will smile in your heart.

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